Happy Turkey Day!

To all those in the United States, I wish them a happy Turkey Day

May your indulgences be forgiven, on this day of excess by your particular patron saint of ARRSE hospitality.

Remember, what turkey you do not eat, you will get as left overs later!
Thanks Indiana Del!!

Tomorrow AM I drive 3-4 hours to Connecticut for dinner with my 87 year old uncle (USNA '47) family and my Godkids, then drive 3-4 yours back home. Worth it though.

All the best to all who celebrate Thanksgiving today and especially to those family members who are away from their loved ones serving their country in nasty places.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to all. Looking forward to seeing what it's all about later.
Yes, Happy Thanksgiving day! (Wheres me bit of peccan pie then?).
Isn't every day in the former colonies a day of excess?
Fat American Turkey Gobbler.jpg
I bet there aren't many leftovers when this particular Turkey gobbler is around.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

This will be my first Turkey Day away, couldn't get time off from work to go back home to Ann Arbor. Oh well, have to spend it with our cousins here in England ;P
any turkey left for a buttie?
I've always been a bit confused by Turkey Day. Celebrating having failed miserably and being bailed out by people who you then proceed to **** over royally is hardly the American way, is it? Oh, wait...

Happy Thanksgiving, guys and girls. :)
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