Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Discussion in 'US' started by redshift, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. This will be my second Thanksgiving away from the U.S. - attending a thanksgiving dinner tonight here in London with whole bunch of fellow expats from the states. Should be fun!

    Hope everyone's stocked up on their turkeys and stuff? Drink/ eat till almost comatose, fall asleep in front of the TV watching some football and wake-up at some ridiculous hour to go do some cheap shopping - the only way to do it!

  2. The real message of Thanksgiving Day is this: never take pity on religious extremists.

    If Darwinism had been allowed free reign, the world would be a happier place today.

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
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  3. Bradford.jpg

    Thank you ever so much for helping us last year. Oh and by the way we have decided we want the whole country!
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  4. Is this the bunch of chums you're having fun with tonight?

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  5. Priceless. Thanksgiving San Francisco style! BTW - I HATE turkey... I've done Thanksgiving in the States once, with Mrs H_M 0.5 (I never got round to marrying her, thank God), complete with chocolate milk, FFS!
  6. Yep some don't enjoy it though

  7. No sense of humour them natives.
  8. I bet JJH is thanking God right now for that nice chap Obama getting back into power.....
  9. Thanksgiving for what? That we got shot of the bastards?
  10. Thanks for the well wishes,. Redshift! If your dinner party is going to be even half as interesting as K13eod implies, you're lucky you're over in Blighty where they understand that sort of thing. ;-) :p :p

    We'll just be lying around and munching on a turkey bone or two ourselves. We showed those English illegal immigrants how to celebrate a proper harvest festival (and we brought the food to do it with ;-) ) with thanks to the Great Spirit. At least the English brought a few games with them that we could enjoy....

    Indian warrior crop 2.jpg

    I'm talking football, of course. Hope you're not doing anything on Saturday as The Most Important Game is going to be on the air. Michigan is going to pull up its big girl panties and travel to the Shrine of the 'Shoe in Columbus to get schooled. :-D


    Fear The Nut 3.jpg
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  11. Bugger, that picture has got me racking my brains. Is this a spoof of another, the name of the American artist I just can't recall. The artist amongst other views of American life, did one with a policeman, a little boy sat on stools in a diner with the waiter(?) looking on from behind his counter. Most were done during and post WW2.

    I'm more of an Edward Hopper guy........ Night Hawks and all that.........

    Bugger......... Norman Rockwall. Should have googled before responding
  12. Indeed.
  13. It's also the 49th "Happy Lee Harvey Oswald Day" aswell!
  14. I like your whole post MINUS the last part.

    Buck the Fuckeyes! :numberone:

    Hey, you ARE talking about my school here!