Happy Stephen Lawrence Day, a new Memorial Day.

That’s exactly what me and my better half have decided, is the reason why? As it is known Black Runners run faster (appos Alan Wells, Moscow 1980) than their white counterparts, and White Swimmers faster in the pool. Due mainly to internal body design.
Black people get Sickle Cell Anemia, white non existent. Nearly 10% of all blacks suffer from sickle cell, but sickle cell isn’t just a disease that disproportionately affects blacks. It affects those of Middle Eastern, Indian, and Mediterranean descent, too. This is because the sickle cell mutation is related to malaria, a disease that’s native to these geographic areas.
So it is likely that because of environmental factors our ethnic minorities (who also suffer disproportionately from lack of Vitamin D, due to crap diets as well as lack of sunlight thanks to there burka wearing habit) will be more likely to go down with this China Plague.
But of course that won’t be the answer that Libor either want nor need, which is why a non scientist has been asked to head up this investigation. The results will be rather like that cover-up over anti-semitism, oh yes defo down to white man rule and others can’t get a real job or some such nonsense due entirely to whiteman bigotry, which is the answer Libor are looking for.
Just for the record, what exactly is this woman expert in? Apart from blaming white people for breathing?
From that little contribution, I deduce you've smeared yourself in your own shit and had a good roll round in some of the other posts and threads on Arrse and posted whatever stuck.
Sir Keir QC has now appointed St Doreen to lead a Labour review into why black and ethnic minority people are suffering higher proportions of deaths from the virus (even though the government has already done this).
Her qualifications for this role are not immediately obvious.
She started by saying that all BAME represent the poorest sections of society, so the government must listen to them – a conclusion prior to investigation, clever Doreen.
Unfortunately, the silly cow has holed herself below the waterline already.
As Trevor Phillips pointed out in the Times today, pro rata 20% of deaths are Bangladeshis (arguably the poorest of all), while 23% are white - no path back to Labour for him, then.
That wad my twins post that got him executed
I had the thrill of visiting one of the first McDonalds ever opened in he UK in Eltham, probably around 1975 / 1980 ?

They had put the seats at 45 degrees so you couldn't get comfortable , basically a stress position, you had to just get it down and GTF out.

We went back to Wimpy after that .

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