Happy St Patricks Day everyone........


Where I live the sun is shining, the birds are singing, plants and trees are budding everywhere.
Forget the green beer, the silly hats, and the attempt by exremists to hi-jack our Patron Saint. The man the Roman authorities called Patricius was neither a Protestant nor a Catholic, neither a Jew or a Muslim. He was just a man who believed he could make a dreadful world a little better.

Today I will find a quiet spot somewhere in our still beautiful British Isles (not Slemish - it's too far away), and remember my many friends and comrades who did not make it through Northern Ireland's worst years, and think also of those others still paying the price of other people's vanity and mistakes.
To the Royal Irish Regiment - Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

XXV Once A Borderer Always A Borderer XXV
A very happy St Patrick's day to the Royal Dragoon Guards and all the rest of our fellow Irish regiments, battalions and service personnel :D ...


Quis Separabit

Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
Faugh a Ballagh
When I was dragooned, many years ago, into carrying the shamrock on parade, I didn't know that my name was Irish, but the RSM obviously did!

So, Happy St Patrick's Day....


(no, not that name - that's Greek... :D )

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