Happy St.Georges day chaps!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bamber(Phil), Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. Have a good one lads!!!!!! :D
  2. The real patron saint of England is Saint Edmund of Bury St Edmunds fame. He is a home grown saint unlike George who, if he ever existed, was probably born in Palestine and never visited this once glorious land of ours.
  3. Well for my 2penneth my son was born today therefore his middle will be george! and historical St George was born of turkish background. However there is no turkish wop in moi old boy!
  4. Merry christmas!
  5. I think you will find that "Turks" and "Wops" are not the same thing. However , both of these types of creature suffer from the disability of unEnglishness.
  6. chauvinistic cunt.

    Happy St George's Day girls and boys, have a good one people!
  7. Dolly have i smelt the crust on your panties before? x
  8. I already have, cheers.
  9. Try telling the BNP that :lol:
  10. Does it really fkin matter????
  11. There,s some miserable buggers on here,judging by some of the posts above...cheer up you miserable gits!!!
  12. I hope you all enjoyed the traditional St George's Day activities of:

    * being mocked by the Scots, Welsh and Irish for having a dodgy patron saint - who may actually have been a Mithras substitute invented by Constantine, to keep the Legions onside
    * some Morris dancing
    * a half pint of warm real ale.

    You need to let yourselves really go next year. Chuck in a ploughman's lunch.
  13. When you live in the shadow of a giant, you're entitled to one day of baiting to vent your jealousy. Your mockery is occasionally amusing, but normally nothing more than a slightly irritating background noise.