Happy Slapping

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Recruits embark in Happy Slapping at ITC Catterick.

    Someone really isn't occupying their recruits' time are they?
  2. Shock, horror - More micky mouse media sensationalism. I think Mr recruit's facial expression in the first photograph shows what a crock of toilet this 'allegation' really is.
  3. Great recruitment though--join the army and get smashed over the face with an ironing board.

    I'd join.
  4. Better than join the Bootnecks and get beaten with a Roll Mat?
  5. Thats hardcore, at least they put a bin on your head ala "Ned kelly "style when I went through.
  6. Irrespective of the worth or relevance of this "expose", the culmulative effect, on the day that the latest "outrage" from Basra gets maximum airtime, the drugs bust at 1 Staffords is reported upon and the reports of the last bodies repatriated through Brize still fresh in peoples' minds, will be a lessening in regard of the Army and, without making it seem inevitable (yesterday's fish and chips wrapper and all that...) a negative impact on recruiting.
  7. it's all a bit 'jackass/dirty sanchez' TV innit...

    youth in 'copies popular youth tv show stunt' shocka.

    given he appears to be volunteering for the smacking i thinks it's fair to suggest that the blow has been aimed at his least vital organ..
  8. Fcuk knows why they call it "happy" slapping. If someone attempted to do that to me, they would not end up very happy. :twisted:
  9. Rhymes with "Happy Clapping" (Unless I've been Wah-ed!)
  10. Thats been around for a while, ive got my doubts its even military.......
  11. It isn't, its that contractor video everyone was making a fuss about. There's a thread on it on Arrse somewhere.
  12. It's all a complete fabrication.
    That type of ironing board isn't in service anywhere at the ITC and those locker doors in the background actually close which as anyone who has ever been in a barrack room knows just isn't allowed to happen -- the MOD buys them broken.
    Hope this helps,
  13. You forgot to mention that the chair still has four legs on it!