Happy slapping getting worse

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. *Posted this originally in current affairs* -

    Not sure why this has been moved from the current affairs forum to the naafi without a PM from the MODs- I think its a serious, current subject.

    This is the new menace on our streets. Seems the offenders (and their victims) are getting younger. Another example of technology spawning a wave of techno-crime? Tough one to tackle i'd say.

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  2. This is just awful. I have the answer. The perps AND the parents floged in public.
    The more I see/hear about this kind of thing the more I despair about the way we are going. :twisted:
  3. Bring back hanging and corporal punishment!
  4. Nipples, pliers, electrodes, skinning knife and a good f#'king kicking would be too good for the low life degenerate gene pool rejects.

    The worrying thing is if you were to actually witness an attack and proceeded to kick the last living breath from shirtless, spineless, soon to be skinless little git you'd be the one in court.
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    At least they are stupid enough to film their crimes. Still what do you expect from a bunch of chavs.

    The solution Zyclone B, a shower block and an awful lot of chavs.

    Then we leave their bodies to be eaten by rabid dogs and sh!tting seagulls. Or have I gone too far?
  6. Way to far, what have rabid dogs ever done to you? Just burn them. Before they even enter the shower block.

    Seriously though, this report highlights how youngsters are becoming desensetised and are commiting crimes like this. It wouldnt suprise me if the you lad who was nearly hung by those kids a few weeks ago was 'happy slapped'. I havent heard much about that case except that a girl was arrested and charged.
    edited for fat fingures on keyboard
  7. The only thing to do is for the slappee to respond to the slapper with overwhelming force - a couple of blows (with a pen or car keys) to the throat or eyes, and to smash the recording device beyond recovery. :twisted:
  8. 14yr old rapists grow into adult rapists.
    These boys should be surgically castrated so that:
    A. They can never commit the same crime again
    B. They no longer have the option to pollute the gean pool with their sleez.

    Maybe a bit harsh but I think that the punishment should fit the crime, and when you commit a serious crime like rape or murder you become a cancer on society that needs to be cut out.
    Act like an animal, get treated like an animal. These children knew what they were doing.
  9. Didn't think this was a NAAFI topic, but have had the pleasure of witnessing such a coup.
    Three tw@ts on one of those long bendy buses 'happy slapped' a 'mong-looking' (admittedly) man except they 'mis-timed' the closing of the doors and the stature of the man which only became obvious when he got up to chase them up the bus. :D
    All good 'happy' fun of course - especially watching these same roughty-toughty lads holding themselves crying when the man got off... not one person came to their aid, not even the driver.

    Basstads :twisted:
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    If these little f()ckwits attempted any of that knavery on me I would break their fingers and then thrash them with my belt.

    That'll learn the little tw@ts.

    I wonder how many would come their or my assistance?
  11. Friend of mine (50ish ex marine/falklands vet) walking home from pub one night couple of weeks ago when he spotted three of these scrotes coming towards him swearing and laughing. He is bald and not v tall i.e. doesn’t look much but keeps himself fit. One of them went to slap/punch him as they passed - another with a phone ready. He stopped the slap/punch and gave him a good belt - got hold of the “cameraman” and proceeded to give him a good seeing to then smashed the phone into a garden wall. The other two meanwhile had legged it. Don’t know what the police would have made of it but they certainly bit off more than they could chew and it gave us all in pub early doors a warm glowy feeling!!!
  12. thats what they get for trying it on with someone they dont know. good ridence to the tw@ts. they should all get a good thrasching every time we see one of them atempting to pick on defenceless kids/peers
  13. I hate to say it, for I've said it before, you guys/gals are catching up with us "spams" in our crimes. This issue has been going on here for years...
  14. Have there been any kind of efforts to stop them, or any successes on the dark side of the pond?
  15. I must make a confession. Since I heard about the happy slapping craze i find myslef frequently walking through town just praying that a gang of yoofs are going to try it on with me. I even try to look extra geeky by way of encouragement. I would really enjoy the fight. The more of them the better. The funniest thing would be watching their little faces as they hit me and realised how little effect the their puny punches have. Then I'd demonstrate the correct way to conduct violence.