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Happy Slapping, a sign of our times??

(Possibly not the correct location for this, if so Mods, please move)

A sign of the times is Happy Slapping, a bunch of chavs filming the event with a phone camera and picking on the target most unlikely to fight back.

Until this happens!


I had to watch it a few times, and Boy did I laugh!

Obviously a boxer.

You can hear the chav's slappers who were filming it in the background....

he he he.
'kin brilliant

what were they doing hitting his girlfriend anyway, no bloody morals. they deserved worse, i think if his missus wasn't there watching he'd have probably killed them
Just watched it again and managed sound this time. I didn't realise they had hit the gf. Yea, he held himself well, most likely to have boxed at some time. Where's that beer?!!!!
Marvellous stuff! It should happen all the time.

The guy has definitely done some boxing in his time. Watch his footwork and the way he briefly squares up to Chav 1 again after dropping Chav 2 in the black jacket. Excellent drills that man.

Ha Ha Fcukin sweet and very controlled by the guy in the black tracksuit, if that had been me I would have been sorely tempted to 'hoof' that chav pr1ck all over the place once he went down. Best bit for me was his mate backing off obviously thinking 'OH SH1T PICKED THE WRONG ONE HERE' :) :) :)

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