happy slappin

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by d12gnr, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. itn news website

    guard twats a tourist absolute classic
  2. Extra, Extra!

    Argtentinian Forces surrender in Port Stanley!
  3. teeheehee :)
  4. Read all about it, Mafeking relieved. :D
  5. Early reports say "it was a close run thing" but Wellington seems to have carried the day at Waterloo...more at 11.
  6. harold gets it in the eye, new king to be announced soon
  7. NEWS FLASH - sh*t-stirring hippy jew nailed up,
    'things should be quieter now' - Pontius Pilate
  8. Evening Standard

    Gobby Ginger Essex Girl Burns London After Daughters Raped.
    Cave for sale, good view of hunting grounds, close to running water.
  10. Stop the press: Big bang reported!
  11. Breaking news; government has outlined ambitious plans to create the Universe and everything in it in only seven days. Opposition parties have rubbished the claims, saying that the project will be delayed and over-budget.