Happy slapper...slapped!!

A happy slapper's mobile phone recording of an attack took an unexpected twist when his victim retaliated, flooring his assailant with a single punch knocking him unconscious.!!

That man deserves an MBE for that.
I hope he incurred serious lasting brain damage, it that's still possible.


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Any link to this story IJ ?
Preferably with the video footage. :D
Cutaway said:
Any link to this story IJ ?
Preferably with the video footage. :D
Ive just read it in the Times, but they may have something online. The paper does show images of the Wan**k laid out on the floor.
Story here

Having had a simlier attack on me I just want to say its good to see the tide slowly fighting back!

Give the man a cigar!
Quality looks good enough for me!!!!

I'd have kicked him in the balls, whilst he was down. Removal of his genes from the species would be a good thing I feel.
I reckon it's a fake....

Poetic justice I would say. Should of turned the mobile phone into a fibre optic and shoved it up the other fellas arrse.
Who cares, we now have an example to follow. When will a real "happy" slapper get slapped? Only problem is I can't see them being stupid enough to keep the footage.... or maybe they will.

Not exactly dealling with rocket scientists here are we?

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