Happy Ramadan

It's a particularly happy Ramadan this year if there's a warrant out for you in Manchester.



Christmas is an important time for Christians but it doesn't mean that they won't be nicked if there's a warrant out for them.

Nothing but PC pandying sh*te from GMP Chief Const. Was this crap in effect last year or the year before? Coppers playing politics. They should sack the Chief Constable for not doing his job. He's paid to police greater Manchester and should get on with the job of protecting the public from all criminals.


In this country we’re all equal, the law is blind to race, religion, sex…

Muslims are just more equal than the rest of us :roll:
Utter, utter, utter b0ll0cks! It might be as much to do with saving on overtime though.
It might also be that those observing Ramadan are edgy because of the lack of food and water. A bit like my missus when on the blob.
PC shi'ite of the highest order!
"It is important that normal, planned policing activities and operations are maintained, while ensuring that officers are professional and respectful to members of the community while going about their duties."
Now which community would that be then, the law abiding community or the overly sensetive Muslim community? Why not allow them to practice Sharia law in their own 'Communeeeteee' and pass sentencing of convicted criminals over to their 'Leaders'
We will nick 'em they'll deal with them.
Ok then, Im a catholic. If I have a warrant for my arrest I will not be detained during the following events:

the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
the solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
the Solemnity of Mary
the solemnity of the Ascension
the solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
the solemnity of All Saints


All this sh*te does is set precedent. It'll be expected next year and the year after until it becomes so common place that it'll just be part of everyday life and when they get nicked during Ramadan, they'll sue. They're lawyers will certainly make an issue of it, make no mistake.

GMP should cut this sh*te out now. A criminal is a criminal. It'll be interesting to see the repsonse of this arrsehole who is the Chief Const. of GMP, when a murderer escapes during this 'armistice' when there were ample opportunities to arrest him.

They need to nip this in the bud right now. With the amount of crime in Greater Manchester, involving criminals who just happen to be muslims, the tax payer should be shouting for the Chief Constable to resign.

Has this made the national news yet? This will be the first time that a county Force has beaten the Met to a PC victory.
If it's accurate reporting (I know, I know) then this really is about as close to cultural 'self termination' as it's possible to get. Stand by for the apologists explaining how reasonable and sensible this policy is, and how you're a combination of intolerant racist bigot and hard core fascist if you object to this.

If it remains extant policy, I'm getting shitefaced in Manchester this Christmas, and then citing this precedent if anyone tries to touch me for drink driving.
Biscuits_AB said:
This will be the first time that a county Force has beaten the Met to a PC victory.
I'm afraid not

Leaked guidelines from the Bedfordshire force say that when officers raid Muslim homes they should remove their shoes, not use dogs and not mount pre-dawn raids because at that hour people might by 'spiritually busy'.
I read this with a great sadness in my heart. Why are we being so sensitive to any single group of people? The police have made arrests in the middle of weddings before so why this PC rubbish. Is this the United Kingdom, Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland or some sub distrcit of Sh'ite/Sunni Sharia distinction. If they need arresting or there is policing to do JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Scabster_Mooch said:
Its bad policy. If I know there is an outstanding warrant on someone, and I know he attends a particular mosque at a particular time, and it is m job to arrest him, clearly the best way is to wait outside that parituclar mosque?
Ah showing common sense eh ? You're nicked!!
bovvyblonde said:
And, yeah, I was well p1ssed off when I got a parking fine at 4pm on Xmas eve!!!
Hah been there done that!

Got done by some bored copper when I was stocking up on alcohol over the festive period.

Back to the topic, so I expect an amnesty at christmas then and easter?
When I went to Mid East in 1990 as we came up to my first Ramadan I was warned that it was a Hard Time for Muslims so don't expect 'normal' service from them.
I left 9 years later so I will Claim some practical expireance on the matter.
No food or water between end of first pray in morning till after evening prayer. OK not 100% exact but basically correct.
Very learned statements in local English language press, they are not to 'Drink' a single drop of sweat or smoke or have hanky panky during the daylight hours.
However cum last prayer and they are off.
People more knowledgeable then me have written that Arabs can get High almost Intoxicated when they start to 'Party' no alchol involved but they do get 'worked up'.
They feast and party for hours during the night if they can, result next day they are all but written off for practical work purposes.
The Fast of Ramadan or the Pork out of Ramadan, take your pick.
And when they confess a SIN in the press and ask what to do for Allahs forgiveness the answer is usually do an extra days Ramadan and or Release/Free a slave.
and I'm not kidding.

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