Happy Personnel = Best Recruiters?

A quote lifted from MoD golden hello failing to attract nurses into forces

Pox_Dr said:
He should also ask what are the best recruiters, & the answer would be happy personnel, we seam to be lacking them at the moment!!
Now that may well be a statement of the blindingly obvious or it may be too simplistic. What do you all think?

And, if our people aren't happy, is this because they have genuine reason to feel unhappy or is it the shortage of junior Officers in morale-boosting mode that is causing the problem? (i.e. low morale itself causes low morale, vicious-circle style)

Whatever the conclusions you come to, remember we still need to recruit so what I would really like contributors to this thread to do is identify a problem and suggest a PRACTICAL and ACHIEVABLE solution. Ideally, contributors will be able to tell the tale of problems successfully solved.
24 Hours without a response for a thread in Just TA Recruiting? Either there are no problems or there are no solutions... :lol:
From an OTC viewpoint (but this could be applied to the TA generally), I think one problem is overselling at the point of recruitment. By this I mean that when we are pitching to new potential recruits we tend to condense all the great activities that we have done over a long period into a seemingly shorter timeframe. For example:

Potential recruit - "So, what do guys get up to?"
OTC bod - "Well we do beach landings, jump out of helicopters, go on AT to XY&Z"
Potential recruit - "Really? That sounds great - sign me up!"

Unfortunately, although this events have occured they have done so over a period of several years. This means that the recruiter has unwittingly given the recruit the impression that they'll be doing this straight away with more to come. When this is not delivered then the recruit becomes disillushioned and morale drops. If the recruit themself does not leave then they at least will not be motivated to recruit friends etc.

I feel this is a problem as the recruits are the best recruiters as they have the widest circle of 'outside' friends. If they seem to be enjoying it then friends may want to find out more on the next recruiting round. My solution would be to be more appreciative of what you are selling when recruiting. Yes, this will make pitching harder but recruiting is pointless if retention, especially at an early stage is not maintained.
It is a statement of the blindingly obvious.

What did you do on the last weekend?

Did you enjoy it?
Did you drag yourself to the pub on Sunday looking absolutely knackered and tell your mates what a great weekend you had ignoring their disbelieving stares?


Did you sit there and listen to them regale their pulling/bozing stories from Friday and Saturday night (read same sh1t, different day/weekend) to apathetic to intervene because you have just been fücked around for the last 48 hours or so with no obvious reason or aim?
It has been mentioned before in other threads, but I think people who join now are made aware, certainly in my unit, of their chances of being mobilised within 18 months - ie. quite high. From a recruiting point of view it immedialtely sorts that the wheat from the chaff, but it does mean we get lower numbers. I would argue that it is quality over quanitity that is needed - although ideally you need both.
getting people to make the initial phone call is the easy bit, getting them to turn up is a different matter. For example we had a recruit selection weekend very recently, 20 letters were sent out, eleven replied, four turned up and two selected. I am sure this is proabably on a par with other units too.
Advertising in Newspapers.

We had a very poor return historically. We had gone with most of the 'usual' things.

We employed a strategy (not my idea), that over the course of 4 adverts put across the essence of what we are about, what we want, and the BENEFITS to joining. There was a very prominent number with NO explanation as to what it was about. The number changed with every advert.

The last advert explained it - 8,6,4,2 weeks to go to the Intake Night. Phone to reserve your place etc. It netted 6 recruits, and in subsequent intakes it was mentioned twice. It probably had a larger impact, but at the time we were not auditing this.

Photographs/Adverts in Newspapers

Always look at a black and white copy of the photo. A lot do not work without colour, esp. camouflaged bod in a wood.

Try to get a RH page, as you open a newspaper the RH is seen first, and therefore if you have an interesting advert/article, it is supposed to be visible for longer and have a better chance of being read.

Ref. the above, I really don't know why, it just seems to work.

Have you tried an advert in the 'Personals' section. I recall someone (I honestly forget who) mentioning that they ran a free advert along the lines of "Looking for something different this weekend? Call <TAC phone>" and got a number of recruits.

On another tack, I reckon it is far better to get an article and photo into a newspaper via your Unit PR Officer than pay for an advert.

The_51 said:
Potential recruit - "So, what do guys get up to?"
OTC bod - "Well we do beach landings, jump out of helicopters, go on AT to XY&Z"
Potential recruit - "Really? That sounds great - sign me up!"
Hmm, sounds very familiar...

Also sickening is the 'And we get to train in America (que pictures of lads jumping out of BlackHawks) and we're going again this year!!' June camp - no non-phase2-trained personnel allowed (excludes half of unit numbers), plus non-bounty camp. Net result, f*ck all pax prepared to go.
Recruiting as we all know is like nailing jelly to the wall. There are some generally very good ideas sprinkled liberally all over this site, and as we all know there isn't just one simple answer to all our recruiting problems.

However, I have been very impressed by some particular individuals personal effort. Like many areas, some people are good at recruiting, some not. We had a particular surge earlier this year and having sent 4 3man (woman) teams out on 2 different occasions, it netted us alot of interest. But it was the follow up which was the most important aspect of the days. A phone call, continuing to sell the TA and ensuring the potential recruit can come in on the next drill night ensured a high return.

Some teams were more effective than others at stopping people in the streets and engaging them in conversation. You will probably know who in your unit has the gift of the gab already, and they will probably recruit more than the remainder. Strangely enough, the team with the pretty girl in got the most interest.

It is however, important to note, that once someone comes in, the recruiting shouldn't stop there. The w/es training has to be a continuation of the recruiting process and continue to include exciting and interesting training and not just what is layed out in the ATRA recruit training programe.

Recruiting has to be everyones responsibility, and not just the OCs. If all your regular attenders recruited just 1 person you would have no manning issues bar overmanning. (Oh I wish).

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