Happy New Year!!

Before I go off to drink myself into oblivion and whilst I still have the ability to see the computer screen, I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Even the ones that think I am an annoying little cnut ;D ;D
Happy New Year you lot, let's hope it's a good one.

I shall of course be dropping in, to see what people have posted under the affluence of Inkahol....

That should be interesting, better set moderation switch to "Final Arm"  ;D


War Hero
Sad though it is the first post of the new year goes to me...happy new year one and all!!
Well everyone seemed pretty  subdued , heroic drinking last night, culminating in "a few tins" back at Rebel Base Central with a few waifs and strays...

I think we might have cooked as well.... :(

The missus doesn't look highly amused this morning, then again, she kicked the arrse out of it too  ;D

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