Happy New Year!!!

Been poorly for a few days now (man flu) - and back off to my pit.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Do well, whatever you do, whether it be sand or soil, or buildings. Just do well and "have "em"! If you don't like what people tell you, tell them back. And listen to Will Young. Ciao!
Same here Dale............been poorly since Boxing Night. :(

The rest of you buggas have a Great Night tonight. 8)
Happy New Year to all!
(Even a certain Bint of the Blonde persuasion).
Is it bad luck to share a New Years wish

I'm not being greedy and wishing that I win the Lottery or anything so selfish... I'm wishing that a meteorite or French Airliner falls on BB :D
Happy New Year to you all - Hope you all get what you want :p

My last year in the Services looking forward to retirement :twisted:
What about a meteorite hitting a French Airliner and then landing on BBs head? A winning solution you'll agree.
A meteorite hitting France would be the best while BB was holidaying there
Happy New Year to all

Let's hope the new one, brings all sort of good news in abundance , in Life, Work and the whole shebang

and a very big Happy New Year to the TA and Regular Guys and Girls currently on tour, keep your heads down, come home safe.
Happy New Year to all of you on ARRSE that have made me and my family pay attention to this site this month, even bb cos that poster is a complete dick as Gunny so rightly said
Wish I could have been there to see that BBC!! :D you and Dale giving each other one (cold that is) :D

to all others as well Happy Hogmany :D
I have just woken up after 4 hrs sleeping.

WaaaaaaaaHey, there's snow everywhere!!! :lol:

The satellite system cannot receive a signal due to the weather......stuck with the usual crap on normal tele!

I'm home alone with me Twinkie (my cat for those who don't know!)

Off for a Lemsip :cry: :cry:
Dirty Sanchez said:
Fcuk the lot of you.

Lifey - are they blackcurrant or lemon? I don't like the lemon ones. And your hot toddy fizzes when you put sugar in. Bugger....
Oh - and sorry for the man flu BBC!!!!! You shouldn't have brought me the whopper!
Who did what/went where/stayed sober?

Stayed Home, ill in bed, Dale the Snail!!!!!!!Grrrrrrr....... :x ..... :wink:

Got high on drugs, Lemsip, Contact, Paracetamol.....

Live in the middle of the most happening city in the country, and it all pasted me by..... :cry:

Sorry about Simon drinking the coke Dale! Kids, who'd have em? :roll:

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