Happy New Year

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by moogee, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Happy New year to aviators,groundcrew and everyone in between.
  2. If 'In Between' covers grunts etc, happy new year to you
  3. All the best to all qho know Wally Walpole
  4. ditto

    except for the part about wally
  5. Happy New Year and Happy Landings
  6. Happy new year all, looking forward to the next one with the big bash at MW.
  7. Have a happy 2006 people.
  8. wot he said ^

    Have a great one chaps and chapesses!
  9. Happy New Year:

    Some lovely examples of avn history.........

    .....and lots of middle aged clout shots

    [Editted by Porridge_gun]

    Please don't post porn in here, especially featuring ugly women and American aeroplanes :D
  10. Seasonal what-nots and dubri-furkins to all......... :) :)