Happy new year

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bluemooner, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Happy new year troops
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  2. Happy New Year.
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  3. Happy New Year, everyone in my 'ouse 'as gone to bed, lite weights. In fact, fuck it, I am absolutely chinstrapped!
    (I love spell checker)
  4. Lol same
  5. I'm still up and watchin a Clint Eastwood movie on Sky 317 with my mate Magners
  6. I may or may not have drunk too much whisky.

    Nighty night.
  7. What's happy about it?
  8. Nothing yet apart from being pissed!!
  9. Well its nearly 3 in the morging and everyones home and Wish you were you were here is on so no,life's great
  10. It's a new year?
  11. It was a couple of hours ago.
  12. Had a few drinkies have we? :)
  13. Started off quiet, but then all the drunks came out fighting/crying. Very busy last few hours bouncing from incident to incident. Glad I'm just monitoring cctv tonight.
  14. Finally home after a day at the beach followed by a great evening of drinking and good music, rounded off by some seriously good fireworks. A Happy New Year to any ARRSErs still capable of reading this.
  15. Sadly I am capable of reading it. Happy New Year to everyone.