Happy new year!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by five-minute-fagbreak, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Well hopefully it will be a happy and healthy one for all, but there is a lot of gloom and doom out there :(
    But for now, let me be the first to wish all the arrser's and their family's, those stuck beerless in far off places,(we'll have one for you) :wink: guest's, lurker's, wahh merchants and all the other cnut's ( you know who you are!) a safe, happy and hopefully credit crunchless New Year :D

    CHEER'S :hug: :puker: :pukel: :safe: :jocolor: :salut:
  2. Stuck in the office and bored with reading pointless posts from spurned women! I'm hoping 2009 brings back the arrse of old.

    Keep safe all of you in sandy places, and hope next year is better for those of you who have had a bad one. You know who you are!

  3. what POSSESSES someone to book a full clinic the afternoon of NYE??? Do they have NO idea how long it takes to squeeze 34stone into a PVC body stocking!!! I'll be lucky to hear the 'dongs'!! Have a good 'un you lot.
  4. Happy New Year, you crazy kids. To all of you in hot sandy places, keep your heads down and your spirits up!

    Slugster xxxxx
  5. Yeah, have a great one, the lot of you, especially all associated with places where the sun might shine a little too much!!! I look forward to the usual treats on Arrse in 2009..... all the best!
  6. is that what daddy used to deposit on you :?: 8O :?: 8O
  7. Old Years Night!...it's a Norfolk thing and I am so I can.


    Fingers crossed for bad weather and the chance of a lock in, I'm away to his mess and I know the barmaid...happy happy.....
  8. Tell Arr Teen Happy New Year too!!!!!
  9. have you tried warming it first ? ....................... Pics ?? :wink:

    Oh and happy new year to everyone

  10. bastard!!! my last one isn't even due til 4.30, then we have the fannying about seeing the consultant ffs....they should get their priorities right....x-ray first, consultant WAY down the list!!! :D
  11. mmm...if i drool enough while i'm sucking the lard it might help the bodysuit slide on!!! I'm feeling the whole Catwoman vibe right now :D .....or should that be Fatwoman hur hur
  12. more of a globe with a pea on top really!
  13. Happy New Year!

    Does quick finger check on Bootiful......yep....6 on both hands......Juuust loike moine!

    Yup Haaaare On Haaaaliday?

    Best wishes for 2009, except for Jimbo Shitt, Mike Golden and assorted other Fcuktards!
  14. If i didn't know you better Jarrod i would say you were flirting.

    Stay safe you people abroad.

    Happy new year to all.
  15. Happy New Year to all of you, and all of yours! May 2009 be the year all your dreams come true!