Happy New Year to the Gentlemen of the Corps

A Happy & Safe New year to all serving & ex members of the corps

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be happy, be proud, but most of all be safe and come home soon to your families.

It may be a credit crunch recession but there is so much good in your families & friends to ensure a good New year with all around you.

Best wishes


Happy New Year One and all.

Thoughts are with those in Afghan and Iraq. Godspeed you back to your families and friends when your tours are over. Keep safe lads and lasses.

Glass duly raised to you all.




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ubique or all over der platz.
have a good 'un one and all
Where duty and glory lead!

A happy and safe New Year to all Corps members past and present! And to those who will join the Corps this year, welcome and a safe and happy New Year to you too.

Once a Sapper.......
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