Happy New Year to all Ex, Retired & Serving R Signals for 2013

Another quiet News Years Eve was celebrated by Young Uncle V with a mug of coffee and some cheese. Many quiet and sober Xmases and New Years have passed under the Bridge of Time since my drunken ways of soldiery and over indulgence in Scottish & Newcastle 'Falling Down Water'. Do I get bored, Hmmm, not really, when I look back at the drunken New Years celebrated in various places around the world when posted abroad, and in the UK.

No more hangovers to weather, no more piteous looks from my Troop Corporals, no more looking in the shaving mirror and seeing AA Roadmaps staring back at me. No more puke stains, and little 'accidents' to clear up in the ablutions area before the Troop Sget and Squadron SSM comes around on morning inspections the day after New years Day. No more wondering where I parked my car, or did I leave at the nearby Pub, or did I 'perform' the tradition Zulu Warrior in the Posh Bar of the pub. No more Military Poloocemen, or civvy Old Bill to worry about, or RP staff or duty Ociffers to salute.....

Life is quiet, and I just get on with my life. Xmas and New Year is just another day. A boring old Victor Meldrew perhaps. If I met Me now in the barracks when I was young and green about life and full of sh*te as one Senior Corporal in my unit said to me - (never did undersand what he meant??? ), I would possibly think... "What a boring old fart, he don't smoke, drink or do rock-n-rolly! So I ain't gonna drink with him'. Perhaps I am now turning into my Dad as I look at the pictures of binge drinkers posted in the various 'Daily Blahs'.

But then, I was binge drinking with all the other regimental alkies back in the 1970s. So, to get to the point...... yes.... a Happy 2013 for all, may it be better than 2012.
It's an age thing, matey. No point looking back on "old glories" - you only get one shot at life, so live it to the full! Hope you have a great 2013.

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