Happy New Year REMFS

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by vadorlord, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. have a good one
  2. We did! :) Hope you enjoy your pint of sand (on the assumption you're somewhere hot)
  3. So I gather you are UKSF posting via satcom from a cave in Tora-Bora 8O
  4. Why not? I am and so are Lofty, Chalky, Smudge and Dusty.
  5. On the fecking moon.
  6. No wonder MOD PLC is so f*cking skint, have you seen the cost of SATCOM nowadays Now get back to work the lot of you
  7. End of October 2007... Considering getting back in...

    Who's the 'kin REMF then, Civvi?

    Oh and Happy New Year to you too. Hope you do get back in.
  8. Unless you have a map of OBL's location we're stuck here on stag for the foreseeable, get over it.
  9. Obviously he didnt use the seven years wisely, a bit of spelling might be in order. Hows your re-enlistment going vadorlord?

  10. What would you like me to get over and how would you like me to breach said obstacle :?
  11. Yeah got back in had to do a few runs and tabs but that was easy, Just got the £6000 to which is a bonus thanks all when i say REMF i dident mean any harm or offence just haveing some new year larfs
  12. You've just got six grand in beer tokens but you spend new years eve 'having some new year larfs' on the internet.

    You clearly were out in civdiv for far too long and need some serious drinking practice. Even a REMF like me could find better things to do on that night.

    Edited to add - unless you were on duty in which case cancel my last.
  13. lol yeah got back in they promoted me stright back to nco,Then the bastards put me on new years duty hahahha for rejoining well never mind off to Afgan in 4 months looking forward to that (Not)