Happy New year ... ARRSE !

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by H3, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. H3

    H3 LE

    Seem's I started the Christmas thread here's another for New year ...... Don't let it be a cunt of a year like 2011.

    All the Best.

    Time for drinks ..... Chin chin !
  2. Oh FFS some other cnut's pissed already not knowing were still in 2011,

    Being Welsh is no excuse either..
  3. H3

    H3 LE

    Ah but I could be 6 hours in front of you lot !
  4. Best do it now won't be able to find the keyboard later. Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Daoibh

  5. Time Walt ;-)
  6. 2012 is shit. I've already burnt my tongue on my porridge and put my underpants on inside out.
  7. Well I have some Cafferys & Baileys to look forward shortly to see the start of 2012.
  8. Cheap bastard, could you not afford Guinness and Baileys?

    Edit: my post made more sense when you had that pic of cheapy own brand 'Irish cream liqueur'
  9. 2012...the year when the world ends on 21.12.12.

    Here's to saving money on christmas pressies and the mother of all orgies., but cause I have plans to go out with a bang it won't happen and I'll be back here in a years time disappointed, bitter and fecked off.

    Happy New Year you bunch of bastards...love y'all really.
  10. Hate Guinness & was given the cheapy version of Bailey, trying to upload a better picture ;-)
  11. Meh. Or, happy and preposterous New Year to one and all. Or something like that.
  12. I hope to feck, that this is my last New Years with the British Army and that next years will be spent on the beach, serving with the ADF. 2 weeks till the redundancy paperwork goes in, COME ON!!!!!
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  13. Happy Next Year.

  14. Congratulations! You've made it onto my "not on ignore" list for 2012.

    Please all do your best not to fuck it up.

    Happy New Years, ya cunts!

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