Happy New Year 2022


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Hi everyone.
It‘s been a twunt of a year.
The Crimbo threads‘ disintegrated a bit.
And we all know people we would happily hoof in the nads all day long.
But Happy New Year to you all.
Shove it up your well-phucked pharter.


Book Reviewer
If it's as shite as the last two years it can jolly well fcuk right off.
Happy new year my arrse!


I think the last two years have been bloody great.
I don't know what's wrong with you lot.

Anyway, I've got chocolates and turkey to eat, you can all F.R.O.

Fark orff, and when you get there, fark orff some more, and keep doing so until we end up this time next year.
Then I'll think about it being Happy or not.
Grrr bah etc etc etc
All of you can Foxtrot Oscar.
Happy New Year to your families and friends though.
Hopefully you miserable cünts will continue to be a bunch of utter miserable wañkstains towards each other and me for morale purposes.
Happy Cinco de baastard May, whynot already.
I don't even know what it's for, but I'll fight anyone to celebrate it, raaaaaah, swipe, punt (oof) doink oo me feckin' head.. yoor me best maaa <crack>
Your watch fast or is it a solar one and you haggis stranglers have exceeded your allotted fifteen minutes of sunshine for the year?

Either way, stick it up your arse and break off the handle.

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