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Happy New.... ahh, f**k it.

Dunno what it's like in NSW but here in SA the coppers are useless, couldn't nick themselves shaving so it's up to the firies & ambos.
Our plods are pretty good but ludicrously understaffed for the size of the area, distances to cover, and influx of bleedin’ 4rse’ole entitled tourists ... state gubmint built a couple of new Stations over the last couple of years but either closed, or reduced the hours, of a couple of others! Madness, I tellya, madness! 2021 hey, aaah well it’s a warmish arvo’, so SWMBO’s -Major, -Minor and the Heirs’ll help ...
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No pubs, no off license,
If you had none in the house when lockdown was revised, then tough.
Earlier last year, we had a cigarette/tobacco ban as well.
Black market prices went up 2000%.
Phaaaark! That’s grim, indeed!
Phaaaark! That’s grim, indeed!
First alcohol ban was imposed, at least with a warning tome, so we could stock up.
the latest one, earlier this week, was 'pubs and restaurants are closed NOW. As are bottle shops'
Given the locals' propensity to get pissed and stabby/fighty and drinkdrive, makes sense ... in a way.

We also have a ban on going to the beach, parks, any social gathering, a 9pm to 6am curfew...


@Yokel I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Thank you. All the best to you as well.

Personally I just about managed to get through the year, and towards the end of the year there was a little sign of light. One piece of advice a friend gave me years ago comes to mind - look for the positives and not the negatives. She was right.

Look for the light, not the darkness.
By 'engage the enemy more closely' I was not referring to BREXIT, though perhaps we might reflect on the prayer Lord Nelson wrote before the Battle of Trafalgar and his wishes that his sailors would show humanity towards the enemy once defeated.
He also wrote ' You should hate the French as you hate the Devil', something I try to keep alive every day.


Well, as the hour draws closer I've ticked off several "lasts" of the year: last load of laundry, last supermarket run, last dump and, a few minutes ago, last **** of 2020.

Shortly I'll cook and eat my last meal of the year, do the last washing up, the last getting tanked up and inivitably the last falling asleep Infront of the telly of the year, hopefully avoiding the last lagging myself in the process of the year.

Yippee-kai-ay, mofos; it's been one weird, fucked up kind of year.
And that's a couple of the "firsts" of the new year in - first dump, first bacon and egg butty and - wait for it, wait for it - that all important first wa*k.
And that's a couple of the "firsts" of the new year in - first dump, first bacon and egg butty and - wait for it, wait for it - that all important first wa*k.
On the stroke of Midnight :D ;)


On the stroke of Midnight :D ;)
No fear!! Cold, dark and sounding like a small infantry engagement with artillery support was going on in the next street. And I was drinking. No, no, no - I prefer to take my walk in daylight, ta.
Did you not do a bit of first footing with goodies in your hand


There was supposed to be a firework ban this year. Clearly the general public hadn't received the news. Other than sporadic infantry engagements until 10pm when there was clearly an artillery exchange followed by a direct hit on an ammo dump. I reckon a few people will be boarding up more than a few broken windows today. At midnight a major engagement kicked off and lasted at least a coupe of hours. Various reports this morning of burnt out cars and assorted parties being broken up although initial casualties do seem to be less than last year.

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