Happy National Military Intelligence Day!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by lurkio, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Not a patch on Beds. I'm sure. But it does remind me slightly of Ashford if stacked up!

    Never knew Russia celebrated Military Intelligence day. Not sure if 5 Nov. would be a good UK date -- more of a civilian int coup that one.

  2. We do celebrate the Intelligence Corps - mainly on 19 July (or the nearest Saturday) annually - but I open a bottle of champagne to celebrate each night before retiring to bed (INT CORPS duvet cover, DPM PJs and a copy of the Rose and Laurel). :lol:
  3. NTT in DPM PJs.... Oooooooooooooh what an image for me to reflect on.

    You tease.
  4. Calm down Gladys, you'll get yourself all unnecessary.
  5. I do acknowledge Corps Day and all of the traditions that it remembers. But, in addition to Corps Day, the heirachy should know by now that the Harman trophy is when most Int Corps members do their celebrating and remembering.
  6. Why, like other Corps, don't we celebrate our Corps Day on the actual day? a parade, drinks for the boys, a ceremony, half a day off, old soldiers in the Mess, war stories etc why does it always turn into a dodgy village fete on a Saturday with 'stands' and the like? Most people want to celebrate it real military fashion without sacrificing a saturday with their family, (especially with current operational tempo). The Harman trophy is almost entirely for the troops and people come from far and wide to enjoy espirit de corps. Any ideas? The Saturday event could still go on for the guests, visitors who turn up for lunch (less the League of Gentlemen type fete) but the day before something purely for the troops.
  7. Do you mean something like events in NI recently - afternoon of briefs on our history with input from ex-members (SOE and the like), stag cocktail party with red, green and grey cocktails (followed by a truely nasty hangover :lol: ) and then an all-ranks themed or posh frock 'do' the following night?

    Other ideas very welcome.
  8. funny, i picture that when i want to delay orgasm ;)
  9. CR, you so don't want NTTT to be a member of the WO2's board!
  10. i know she can take a joke.

    i think the only board i might actually have a chance of coming off is one on which i am sitting, along with my genetically cloned quadruplet brothers :)

    good time last night opint?
  11. I see you've surfaced then!

    Best night in any Mess I've ever had! When are we changing the Corps' march to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'?
  12. CR I am heartbroken - it was bad enough hearing you had been snapped up by someone else, but this is too much. I am off to end it all (weeps into hanky whilst reaching for the Mess Webley) :cry:
  13. CR thats no way to treat a Lady.

  14. erm, I hate to break it to you Ma'am, but I think someone left it in Sainsbury's ;)
  15. Maybe.............