Happy Invasion Day for tomorrow chaps.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by filthyphil, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Don't forget to say sorry.
  2. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    Sorry my arse. They teach kids that in school these days.

    Anyone got anything planned?
    We doing BBQ lunch.
  3. Might bung something on the babie, getting on the piss is a given and Friday's an RDO.
  4. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    ^. Half your luck mate. I'm back at work Friday.
  5. Kevin Bloody Wilson - Classic

    I understand he now tours with his daughter, Jenny Talia.
  6. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    Nah you're thinking of Austentayshus. For better Oz comedy look up Rodney Rude.
  7. His old gag writer from those days, Billy Birmingham, is on the 2GB Weekend Detention sports radio show on Saturdays, well worth a listen.
  8. Dougal

    Dougal LE

    In the rain?
  9. The barbie is on the balcony, under cover. We've got all the refinements of life in the colonies.
  10. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    Balcony you say? Are you using one of those flash new Webbers?
  11. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    I heard he chucked Teddy out the pram. Billy Birmingham is very cool though.

    See if you can find a nice love ballad by Rodney Rude called "Rubber Vagina".
  12. Nah, ex-floor stock four burner I got cheap. If I get up early, I'll be first man on the balcony.
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  13. goatrutar

    goatrutar Guest

    BBQ walt? :)