Happy Independance Day

Happy birthday to us and congrats on the 234th birthday of the U.S. Army (14 June).

The June 14 1775 date is when Congress adopted "the American continental army" after reaching a consensus position in The Committee of the Whole.[...]On 15 June Congress unanimously chose George Washington [as commander] Washington had been active in the military planning committees of Congress and by late May had taken to wearing his old uniform. His colleagues believed that his modesty and competence qualified him to adjust to the "Temper & Genius" of the New England troops. Washington was given the rank of General and Commander in Chief.

How are things over there in our little North American colony? Boots fit? Mail getting through? Splendid old chap, splendid.
Rucker well thats a great place for Southern Fried Chicken and Biscuits with Gravy, but shooting down ICBM's with Apache?


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Happy Brithday all you Septics.

But keep the noise down as your northern neighbours will just be getting over headaches from their own birthday party.
Happy Independence Day, Yanks!

The offer is always open to come back you know... Liz is a lovely lady and I'm sure she would forgive all that silliness over the tea, taxes and such.... :lol:
Ah yes the day we freed ourselves from oppressive tyrant rule and taxation without representation.

Glad we are so free and independent...all hail the messiah....
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear US of A, Happy birthday to you!

Have a great day everyone! Don't mind the Brits sniping, they are just jealous ;-) !


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many happy returns of the day y'all......jolly well done and so forth.......anytime you'd like to rejoin just drop us a line and all that.........sorry about the White House by the way ( a few of the chaps got slightly carried away)

( and a profoundly felt ' HOOOO-YAH!' to all the folk in 3rd MEU , Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, especially those serving alongside 'The Borrowers ' in the Helmand valley today.....Semper Fidelis matey peeps :) )

'I'm the left eye - you're the right
Would it not be madness to fight....WE COME ONE'

pip pip, what ?

Le Chevre
Happy Birthday Rebel Scum, any time you want to come back... :D
Happy Birthday to all you Yankee Doodle Dandies. I used to wind my Texan mate up, I took him to a wee boozer that had been serving ale 586 years before Independance Day. I reminded him that Britain had Traditions, a fine History & a Monarchy. The Septics were still a young nation only just developing habits !!! Will raise a glass later to all Yanks serving on Ops away from their families. Safe home boys & girls.
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