Happy Hour at the ARRSE Bar

I wonder if franchise opportunities are available?

This in from the Economic Times of India:

" Customers of the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in Nanjing, eastern China, are allowed to beat up the ' specially trained' staff - 20 young men - who not only put on protective clothing but will dress up to look like the boss. the bar is meant to cater to migrant workers..[ the bar owner started off as one himself ]"

Most of the customers are women.

I'm seeing lots of money in this:
"The Blair Bashing Bar"
" The Chav Stomper Bar "

the possibilities are endless...
GuybrushThreepwood said:
I can see the newest pub in my area now: The Bashed Up Bush
They've got one of them in Washington. now.

I wonder if that Nanjing bar is hiring? Something about being beaten up by little Chinese girls just sends a thrill down my spine...

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