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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by error_unknown, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. :( :mad: ??? :-X :mad: :mad:
    I've been a regular viewer of this fine site for a couple of months now, and whilst I agree with many of the concerns raised therein, one thing has struck me above all.

    It's all misery, doom and gloom!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is there anyone out there who is actually happy, having fun, and enjoying their job?

    Whilst I am aware of the oft quoted statistic that folk are ten times more likely to complain than to complement, this can become a tad depressing at times.

    So come on chaps, lets have some more sedition and wit, and a little less depressing complaining.

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  2. Based on your obvious optimism, there's no way you're a squaddie.  Are you a firefighter?   ;D
  3. we are only happy if we're whinging ;D
  4. Read in a book on the Korean War, conversation between pln sgt and subaltern:
    Pln Sgt: Its the men, sir...
    Sgt:They stopped grousing sir.
    Sub:What do you mean?
    Sgt:They've stopped grousing sir, which means morale is low. We've got to get them grousing again, Sir!!

    Read into that what you will.... ;)
  5. Apart from that I like to read books occasionally!!
  6. It's one of those old paradox thingys.  Bit like going to war for the sake of world peace.  As MDN has pointed out, squaddies are indeed happiest when they've something to whinge about.  I know I am.  ;D ;D ;D
  7. Like whinging because there is nothing to whinge about ;D
  8. At least one thing I can be happy about....my sex life is better than MDN's!  ;D
  9. If a marine stops dripping, there is something very wrong.

    For f###s sake

  10. We all know this, but how do you explain it to the civvies that pop into the site, they just don't understand,

    Let's bring back National Service so they can all have the chance to whinge properly, and so inform them we are happy chappies really!!
  11. I love my job me!  I like the free clothes, guns and the jollies in the helicopters! I get paid for this shit and  I love every minute of it, so much so, if I could, I'd sign on for another 22 years!  Nobody in my unit whinges.  Nobody skives.  Nobody scores points on their mates two weeks before the ACRs are due.  The frequent long holidays are right up our strasse........it's what we joined for!
    Evening Matron!

    Aw Lipstik!........you're not a civvy are you?.......and I was just beginning to like you as well :'(
  12. I have been known to whinge, I have whined. moaned, groused, bleated and best of all schimpfed a few times but am I unhappy with my lot ? No way .......................................

    What would you want to come in here for if people were all on happy pills? Where is the fun in reading things like;

    "I love the living in Javelin barracks and shopping in the JHQ NAAFI, I like doing as many duties as I can ( in between my annual holidays in KFOR). Can't wait for my anthrax jab prior to going of on another great scheme. The Pay bods have never got my pay wrong in 19 years......................................ect ect ect"

    Perhaps you should start a web site www.iamahappysquaddie.com. It would be interesting to see how long before it degenerated into a site not unlike er...........ARRSE

    If you don't like the depressing parts of this site don't read them, it's as easy  as that. when you look  there is a lot of wit and wisdom to be had, and more than enough sediton to keep any one happy.

    Whinging is only part of the game and the whole game is nothing but a wind up  ;D ;D ;D

    Happy reading
  13. RSM, morale is to high, burn the men's mail.
  14. Pltn 2 Lt - "Are the men happy Sgt. Major?
    CSM- "Blissful Sir"
    Pltn 2 Lt- "Well fcuk them about then"
  15. This comment might get me some limited abuse, but who gives a ****.

    I tend to find with the amount of complaining and general whinging that goes on, it just gets ******* stupid and pointless after a while.
    Whatever happened to the professional degnity of griting your teeth and not complaining when being arsed around?