Happy First Sunday of the Year.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Dec 31, 2011.

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  1. Before I fall back asleep in front of the telly after scoffing double my body weight, may I take this chance to wish you all a Happy New Year and to remind you that the average price of a pint in UK is about £3, so if you don't have 3 extra pints and a bag of crisps tonight, you can donate a tenner to Hols4Heroes.


    That is all.
  2. You are a psycho

    But you,re our psycho!!!
  3. You mean you've eaten half a pound of something?? Happy new Year Sluggy
  4. P.S. Good luck fundraising for Hols 4H. I'm demanding monies with menaces in my local boozers at the moment for Combat Stress.
  5. Well as it's here in the Naffi Happy New Year you whinging bunch of cnuts, see you on the other side, when I'm sober that is :)
  6. A few tips:

    Go right up to them (obviously the best looking bloke in there) straight into his face, and say "Hello, you're nice, slip something into my tin" Then lick your lips.

    Are you getting legless tonight? These poor bastards have no choice.

    Coins? You fucking cheeser. Open your wallet and let me see how much is in there.

    Hope this helps,

    Yours aye,

    Dale T xxx

    (Yes they have all been tried and tested).
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  7. Well, it has just slipped into 2012 and alls well...the world hasn't ended in fiery disaster. So Happy New Year to all you bastards and bastardesses.
  8. Cheers babe. xx