Happy Fathers Day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Just phoned my dad to wish him Happy Fat-head Day. I asked him if he was doing anything special today. Well, he says, I'm off to see Grandad after I've put a bet on (no I didn't get any tips), then we're off to the quiz night tonight, we won last week, £17.50.

    That's nice, says I, R Kid and I went there once for a quiz night, we called our team "The Felchers".

    What's a felcher? says he. I might have a look on the internet later to see what it is.

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  2. What's his email address? I'll send him some pics.
  3. mydad@comeandhaveagoifyouthinkyourehardenoughyoudickhead.

    He'd appreciate that.
  4. Were you worried he'd see you ad?

  5. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    definition of mass confusion is fathers day on any council estate in the UK.
  6. Doubtless he'll realise that he misheard you. But you'd better brush up on your darts technique to explain just why you called your team "The Fletchers".
  7. It's hard being a dad - remembering which words you're not supposed to know the meaning of.
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  8. Oh shit. I've just remembered Juniorslug is going there this afternoon with her (horrible) boyfriend.

    I spoke to to your sister this morning.

    Did you Dad?

    Yes lovey, I told her we were going to the quiz night, and she told me about the time her and your brother went.

    (Junior knows the story and will be pissing herself laughing by now)


    Hehehe, she'll have to explain that one to Dazza...........
  9. I'm having a cracking fathers day, breakfast in bed at hotel. Girls organised it with hotel staff, who brought it up and the girls served it.
    Couple of pressies and popped into handmade burgers for tea after taking the kids to sea life centre in Brum.
    Dads were eating free today, but got the whole familys free for helping the manager remove a drunk.
    Top it all I'm sat in 1st class after free upgrade from virgin. Just because the attendant in first liked the way I helped a disabled couple out with their chairs.
    Done two good turns today and been rewarded. Karma is very fast today.

    http://handmadeburger.co.uk/our-restaurants/find-a-restaurant/ocean-terminal/ for a bloody good nose bag
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  10. Normal service to return tomorrow, back to being a cunt.
  11. She failed in her mission.

    Brotherslug and I had high hopes for her too.

    "Go on ask him about the quiz night"

    "I can't, I'm trying to keep a straight face"

    "Junior, remember the time we got the giggles and my mum tried to send me to my bedroom"

    "Which time - the time we got wankered on Tequila and you fell asleep with the mop on the kitchen floor?"

    "No, the other time"

    "The time we tried to make cheese on toast at four o clock in the morning?"

    "No, the other time"

    "The time we decided there were monkeys in the kitchen?"

    "No, thicko. The time we actually sat down for a proper meal and we got the giggles and she tried to send me to my room."

    "Oh that one"

    "Yes, thicky mcthickyness".

    "Weren't you on leave from Cyprus then and didn't have a room in the house anymore"?

    "Fucking hell, you're clever - that's why you got sent to your bedroom and not me".

    "Oh I remember now hahahahaaaaaaa".

    She's fucking rubbish.
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  12. Felcher recipe

    Scale ingredients to servings
    4 oz Drambuie® Scotch whisky
    2 oz whipped cream
    4 tsp chocolate

    Pour Drambuie into a shot glass. Add some chocolate sprinkles or shavings. Top with whipped cream and add more chocolate sprinkles or shavings.

    Read more: Felcher recipe Felcher recipe

    Doesn't sound too bad, that serves four btw