Happy Father's Day

I'm in work! Will phone my dad in a minute! I won't get really to see much of my daughter today, but I see her everyday anyway, which is more than most such as the guys in Afghanistan, so I always appretiate that fact.
I got three of the best gifts I could have imagined:

1. A big bar of Bourneville

2. Loads of hugs.

3. Them buggering off for the afternoon and leaving me in peace.

What a fantastic day!
I dropped my son off at 05:30, he's out till 19:00! My daughters are out at ATC and then singing in a park till 17:00. All I have to do is murder the wife and dump her in the pond and start on the rum, what better way to celebrate?


I got my dad a card that says "you are like a dad to me"

because my brother says I'm adopted! :)
I got a Fathers Day card from my Daughters dog!!!!

What are they trying to say???
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