Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BenghaziBandit, Mar 30, 2010.

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  2. B0llocks to Easter!! All the feckin northern monkeys are swarming into Cornwall already! :x
    Here comes feckin silly season! Stupid feckin religious holidays! Just cause some bloke got did in by the romans fer fecks sake!

    Humbug! :)

    Nice breasticles though.
  3. Yeah once again its that time of year that people are forced to put there hands in there pockets to buy over priced chocolate cr@p for kids that do not really know why they are receiving it but if they receive anything below 25 eggs throw a paddy. Only good thing about it is there are some good rugby fixtures on over the weekend and i can get w@nkered whilst watching.

    And yes nice boobies :lick:
  4. sorry but Easter is cancelled!
  5. You make enough money out of all the Grockles and they dilute your rather shallow gene pool so don't bite the hand that feeds you. ;)

    Great tits!
  6. Got 2 daughters who are descending on me and the present missus for Easter. Elder one says she's just bought a karaoke Queen disc so we could all join in singing songs.

    Fukk off! That cross may come in handy again as she gets nailed up with said CD. Then she can start singing "I Want To Break Free"!

    Peace and quiet's what I want.
  7. It was cancelled but it's been resurrected.
  8. Thanks for that timely reminder. I must go around and make sure that the welcome signs are still in place

  9. BAH!! humbug


    No chance of rugby/getting bladdered for me, not now I've moved in with the memsahib :(
  10. Go on then,as it's Easter and all that.

  11. Is that your missis then?
  12. Happy Nail Up Jesus Day, everybody. Stop being so miserable, chocolate's one of the main food groups, along with Guinness.
  13. Thanks MIT,I've sniffed around a few dogs in my time,but that ain't one of them.
  14. Praise the Lord - 17 deg C. today, 21 tomorrow, 25 Friday, 25 Sat, 24 Sun. Niiiiiice weekend coming up. 8) 8) 8) 8)
  15. As our Lord Jesus Christ said unto us whislt nailed up on the cross.....' Get us an Easter egg, I'll be back on Sunday!'