Happy Days...

Does anyone else have fond memories of their Instructors from Basic Training?


'...Reminds me of the drill sergeant we had when I was first in the army.'

'Tough, was he?' Said Nobby, lighting a cigarette.

'Tough? Tough? Blimey! Thirteen weeks of pure misery, that was! Ten-mile run every morning, up to our necks in muck half the time, and him yelling a blue streak and cussin' us every living moment! One time he made me stay up all night cleaning the lavvies with a toothbrush! He'd hit us with a spiky stick to get us out of bed! We had to jump through hoops for that man, we hated his damn guts, we'd have stuck one on him if any of us had the nerve but, of course, none of us did. He put us through three months of living death. But... y'know...after the passing-out parade...us looking at ourselves all in our new uniforms an' all, real soldiers at last , seein' what we'd become...well, we saw him in the bar and, well...I don't mind telling you...'

The dogs watched Colon wipe away the suspicion of a tear.

'...Me and Tonker Jackson and Hoggy Spuds waited for him in the alley and beat seven kinds of hell out of him, it took three days for my knuckles to heal.' Colon blew his nose. 'Happy days...'

T.Pratchett 'Men at Arms' :D
Pure class.


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A witty writer whosw work is woefully ..................and there I have run out of alliterative words!

The 'Guards' series are very very funny.
Yes. An Porridgewog ex-Para with a large nasal implement who fought in the Falklands. He rebadged to the TWA. His favourite thing was to call everyone "PENIS". He was a real ba5tard but was fair and did look after those in his section of which I am proud to have been in. He was also a "soldier's soldier" and had a good reputation that both preceeded and followed him.
We also had a real tosser from the RAPC who was a complete and utter wanker.
Then our Platoon Sgt was some blue-eyed boy wonder who was mad as hell. On CFTs in the middle of June he would wear his gasmask (deviant) and was ultrafit.
Ahh, Terry Pratchett... What a GENIUS that gentleman is. As said above, I especially like his mini-series about the Ankh-Morpork guard... I've even got the 'wheres my cow' book!
Me too, I'm supprised at the amount of squaddies who read his stuff, a warped sense of humour which appeals to us all. The Watch books brilliant, the Witches & the Wee Free Men!
And Monstrous Regiment - round world life with a twist!
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