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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Foitin_Irish, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. I recently visited my local AFCO got chatting to an Infantry Sjt. We got talking about all the different types of characters that the infantry attracts and he mentions that a few of the fijian's/samoans were born again christians. What are peoples own experiences of christians in the army?
  2. I remember a drumhead service during which the padre (as usual) was boring the arrse off us. (Where does the Army get these people from?) The hymn after the sermon was "Onward Christian Soldiers". I am very cynical about all institutionalised religion. The bloke on my left was an athiest and the guy to my right was muslim.

    We ended up singing "Onward Muslim Soldiers"

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  3. We ended up singing "Onward Muslim Soldiers or "Onward Seargent Major"

    excuse spellings.......
  4. Most of the Padres I have met have been far from boring. A mixture of mad, alcoholic, psychotic, stand up comedians who were far from the "this is the word of the Lord and that's it" type! (One told us he didn't really believe in God.) :evil: Then again, I probably fell asleep when the boring ones were ranting.

  5. Reason i ask, is i'm a christian and i'm thinking of joining the army. My only worry about it is, people will just label me as a christian and i'll get no end of stick for it and not be given a chance to do get on with it.
  6. You are a Christian, it's not a matter of a label. Be proud of it and work hard. If you were a Taoist it wouldn't make any difference.

    Good luck
  7. Ignore any one who slates your religion...From personal experience and many others will agree...you never find an atheist in a firefight..

    When the going gets a bit hairy,even the hard men will be asking the man upstairs to look after them..
  8. The only time you would get up people's noses is if you were to try and convert them. Have your beliefs (I know I do) but only share them WHEN INVITED. If you are an evangelist type who never lets the matter drop then you will not be popular.

    Aside from that, there are many practicing Christians serving in the forces. SSASRA (Soldiers' Sailors and Airmans' Scriputure Reading Association) is still going strong I believe, and I know a couple of soldiers who are also Lay Preachers.

    Good luck to you.
  9. Cheers fella's. I was only concerned maybe people would think my faith may conflict with the job. As for forcing my views, people will know what they are if they ask and i won't deny it. I do expect a bit of banter cos it goes with the territory! Maybe i just got bit sucked into (no jokes!) the whole "every soldier is an ungodly, heavy drinking thug" stereotyping
  10. Foitin_Irish,

    Mate, the British forces have a mixture of all sorts of bods from all denominations from all over the place. Christians, Jedi and alcoholics form the vast majority closely followed by atheists, agnostics and ND - no denomination. (All this information is probably inaccurate and complete guess work!) :lol:

    You'll have * no problems with being a Christian in the army.

    * You may well get a problem if you are sat in a shell scrape at stupid o'clock in the morning, it's freezing cold, pisssing down with rain, you're both out of smokes and coffee - you then suddenly start preaching to your buddy about the ways of the Lord. In very short terms, you will probably be told that by your friend that judging by the weather and the lack of morale - there is no God. :p

  11. Knew a lad who suddenly got religion or got it stronger one day and refused to soldier any more. Spent a while in the glass house, came back and got on with it. I asked him what it was like and he said it wasn't nice. Bit of an understatement I would have thought. Nice bloke all the same.

    Helped out on a couple of Padre exercises in the past but I can't remember what they were called now. Seemed like a bunch of decent guys up for a laugh and it was fun throwing thunderflashes all over the place and watching them run around with rifles.

    There's a point, I thought they couldn't bear arms or is that just medics?
  12. :?
    Medics are allowed to bear arms for their own protection as per The Geneva Convention (god i've watched enough of them)

    To answer the original question about religion, i've never had a problem with it. Although when my religion is discovered (same as Bloody Mary's) people are astounded for some reason!
  13. God and a Soldier, all people adore
    In times of war, but not before
    But when war is ended and all wrongs are righted
    God is neglected and the old soldier slighted.
  14. Cheers for the info fella's. Talking of Believers in the forces, I happened to be be looking through 'soldier' today at work and saw the article acknowledging the sacrifices of the lads in Ganny. A fallen corporal, RIP, from The R Anglians was noted to be a "devout Christian". A hero regardless of his faith, bit cliché maybe but inspired me a bit more.

    Cheers again lads for all your constructive points.
  15. Don't worry about it mate, there'll be a few who take the p!ss but thats Army life for you, having a sense of humour and taking the p!ss. Rise above it and let them see its not bothering you and they'll soon stop. Go out on the p!ss with them, join in the banter and sports, don't isolate yourself, help others who are struggleing and they'll soon see what a good guy you are, Christian or not. However, there is one thing, don't try and force your beliefs onto them, thats a big no no.

    Good luck in your future.