Happy Christmas

I am off on my travels this evening, and will be out of contact for a while. Can I just take this opportunity to wish all the ARRSE regulars a very Happy Christmas and a safe New Year; and to those who find themselves deploying all over the world - stay low, move fast and come back in one piece!

have a good one

Merry christmas from two of my little helpers

agent smith
Meery Xmas Sloping, I'm finish in 93 minutes but will still be around on my lap-top.

Take care eat, drink and be merry :D :D
Merry Christmas to all Arrse users especially those in Naafi Chat :p have a brilliant time, eat and be merry and most of all stay safe.

Off to Cyprus on Sunday, back late on Boxing Night hopefully with a tan but doubtful looking at weather reports right now lol... so point me in the direction of the bar !!!! :lol:

Merry Chrimbo and Happy New Year to you all

Toonie xxxx
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to each and every one of you.

come home safe those in far off places where H&S at work doesnt cover it.



Kit Reviewer
That's it boys & girls, stay safe.

For those not on Ops, you have only two tasks over this period:

a) Keep sobriety at a distance

b) Make sure, at least once over this joyful period of goodwill & giving, that you get a Yuletide Skiff onto some tw@t.
(Octogenarian grannies charping off the plum duff in their bath chairs do NOT count - they wouldn't be able to tell the difference)
Merry Christmas to one and all, especially the arrse angels!

Stay safe you crazy kids in hot (or cold) places and remember to post the photos of sandcastles (or snowmen) for us!


The Slug x
Still not doing xmas this year - 'cept for the drinking bit, anyway :)

But for all of you feeling festive, Ho Ho Ho etc.

Have a great one but make sure you reach the other end ;)


Have a good one everywhere.

The snow is falling in the Alps. I'm off!!
BlackHand said:
Bah !!!!!!
Humbug !!!!!!

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Translated this means....

Dear All,
Please have a wonderful, healthy and happy Christmas.
Hug lots, kiss plenty, drink to others, and accept their toasts to you with good grace.
Be safe, play hard and have fun.
Love you all, you are each and everyone amazing and wonderful people.
Blackhand x

Gosh he is a poet.....
All the above from me too.

Beebs x

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