Happy Christmas & New Year to all on ARRSE.

OK, so it's only the 2nd of November and we have not done bonfire night yet!
But the shop's seem to be already up for the big push towards the 25th December!!
Well it could be worse i could be out of a job, well i probably will be this time next year due to MoD cut backs.
So i'm going to start celebrating Christmas early....................Happy Christmas everyone!

OK thats my grumble over for the day....time for a beer or 2!!;-)


Book Reviewer
2 Nov and it's Christmas.

Getting a bit dusty in here.......

"Twas the night before Christmas"
Fuck it.....Bah Humbug. Take Christmas and shove it up you arrse!
Nov 2 and the local Londis is already peddling last year's unsold chocolate advent calendars (Iranian Mars Bar style). Utter shite. I fecking hate Christmas and it has come already. Bring on the UK Caliphate.

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