Happy Cambrai

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Given all the to - ing and fro - ing over the RTR and it's somewhat uncertain future (along with, it seems, the whole British Army)
    to wish all members of the RTR a great Cambrai day, and may we celebrate many more!!

    The Tanks that broke the ranks out in Picardy.

    In No Man's Land one early morn at fifty in the shade
    From out the British lines there came the famous Tank Brigade
    The Huns began to strafe 'em, couldn't make it out at all
    Especially when the tanks began the Caterpillar crawl.

    And the tanks went on, and they strolled along with an independent air
    And their guns began to blare, and the Huns began to swear
    For they pulled the trees up by the roots, and they made the Huns look like galoots
    Did the tanks that broke the ranks out in Picardy

    The Huns peeped through their trenches, for they couldn't understand.
    They cried "Here comes the British Navy, sailing on the land!"
    The Kaiser saw them also and, as through the trench he ran,
    He shouted out to Tirpitz "Hush! Here comes the bogey man!"

    And the tanks went on, and they strolled along with an independent air
    Said the Huns, "It isn't fair! You're not fighting on the square!"
    At the fortress then they made a call and started walking through the wall
    Did the tanks that broke the ranks out in Picardy.
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  2. Should be fantastic piiss up at the Barley Mow pub in Horseferry Road, Westminster this afternnon after the Cenotaph parade. Sadly I won't be there, I was at the Cenotaph last Sunday, Cambrai Lunch at Bovington this coming Friday, I'm such a lightweight now, can't cope with 3 weekends on the bounce.

    Fear Naught
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  3. I was stagging on in the tunnel between horse guards and Whitehall when your lot marched through ;)
  4. Ash mate, I'm going to assume this was our 3RTR inglorious 'eyes left' at a mounted Trooper en route to the MOD to provide a quarter guard for Field Marshall Carver's retirement?? My god what a laugh - night before, absolutely hammered in the NAAFI at Cavalry Bks- Hounslow IIRC - playing 'pass it on' with the WRAC. Not even a log bobbing up and down in the glass against their noses put those ladies off taking a swig from the 'chalice'!!!!!!

    On arrival at MOD - Our RSM had misunderstood which manhole cover to halt on, there followed a rather loud and embarassing right dress over quite a distance then, upon our return march through the tunnel we realised the cockup and corrected the eyes only (apparently) to find out later that in order to aid us, the Household Division had swapped sides to put the Hooficer where we had previously saluted so, having corrected ourselves, we saluted the trooper again!!!!! Ah, Tankie days - marching was never really our forte!!!!! LMFGFAsO!!!!!
  5. Yep, had 1+2 RTR go through in their black covvies and scarf things first, one officer turning around to his mucker as he went past me scoffing and saying 'cav types!'

    Horrid! Haha
  6. Sorry Ash, you maybe confused, I thought you were referring to 3RTR in 1976 - you may well be talking about a more recent event if it concerns 1st and 2nd RTR. After the 1976 experience 3RTR never marched through the tunnel again choosing instead to languish at what we did best - Tanking and drinking - dependent on season as to which order those two events were prioritised!LOL.