Happy Burfday To Us

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Rocketeer, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. On this the 142nd birthday of Canada, as I sit sipping on my ' Canadian Beer ' [ made by a Belgian multinational ] and watch the Canada Day festivities from Ottawa on my Chinese made TV and contemplate going to the cinema to take in the latest American popcorn porn blockbuster [ which may or may not contain one or more ex-pat Canuckians in 'supporting roles' ] I am content that I still have enough money in my investment portfolio to procure some sustenance for the BBQ with a few loonies left over for some blackfly spray..

    As I enjoy a bison burger and some venison pemmican and watch the skies for the August snow melt on the lower forty, I celebrate our coming of age [ and how fast I'm catching up to my country's age ] I honour ol' Queen Victoria for the foresight to realize that something could be made of this colony, despite the presence of some irritable Frenchies, and that Ottawa would make a lovely capital city....

    I celebrate the fact that we ain't Uhmeriikans, that PM Harper hasn't screwed us as badly as PM Brown has the ' mother country ' and that I can shop at Walmart on a national holiday..

    oh, yeah..

    life is good.

    Fellow Canajans!: CHIMO, EH??
  2. Happy Birthday...and as Homer Simpson would call you ''Americas Little Brother''!
  3. In honour of Canada Day I will watch some episodes of "Corner Gas" this evening!
  4. Happy Canada Day. Now take off, eh?

  5. AHHH.. Corner Gas.. the only 'authentic' Canadian TV series since the Beachcombers.. Made Bruno Gerussi a household name...

    recall a Video store in the ' toney' section of TO which had a front-of-store display of Canadian Films [ the only place you could get ' Going Down the road', Highway 69, Cube, Saddest Music in the World and a few other great flicks ] and put all the Hollywood crap in the ' Foreign Films' section.. made the locals go " WTF? " and then " Oh, yeah....right. "
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    As Possum lodge would point out 142 years is stretching it, Canada was a Dominion untill 1947 and even the Newfies wouldnt join you till then!

    P.S. My family were dominioners going back to Upper Canada and the spat with your southern neighbours!
  7. Many Happy Returns!

    Doubtless you'll be celebrating with buttered scones for tea. :)
  8. Enjoy your day. Regrettably on this side of the pond, we do not get a day off. So we are having a Canada Day party on Fri night. My Canadian wife needs to get the flags out once a year and have some people around to inform them about Canadian culture.
  9. My wife and I are having our Canada Day celebration BBQ on Saturday. Got some Bison burgers, salmon, maple syrup but, more importantly, Molson and CC!
  10. Well, as I work mostly weekends now I made it to Trafalgar Square for the party. The hottest day of the year helped, but notwithstanding that happy accident it was a great day with some good music particularly from The Stereos, and plenty of what passes for Canadian humour. Bison Burgers at £5 and £3 for a can of Sleemans was a bit steep but nobody complained too much. The occasional English visitor just looked a bit bemused, and yes even some Newfies were there.
  11. With bacon and maple syrup.
  12. AAGF


    And today is my birthday, so lots of available parties between the Canukistanians yesterday and the Americnuts tomorrow ...

    I am not having a good day as I'm in the middle of moving apartments with the sheer joy of wankwits and their July 4th fireworks (all night) to look forward to. Bah Humbug etc. etc. I can see lots of liquid sleeping medicine in the near future, starting tomorrow night when we've moved in. :lol:

    Happy Anniversary to the Canadians and to the Americans (and to me)!
  13. 5 days if you stand on a chair :)
  14. How could you omit "Men with Brooms" Of all the sports movies made this is, I believe the only one about curling. It never won an Oscar but parts were filmed near my Godkids house in Collingwood, ON.

    Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday to Canada from the deep south (Massachusetts)
  15. Men with Brooms.. yeah.. a friend of the family played the bartender " Nugs "..

    Paul Gross has gone down hill since then.. 'Passiondale' [ sic] and now, I hear he's essaying the Jack Nicholson part from Witches of Eastwick in the TV series spin off for US TV.