Happy Birthday

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tiger stacker, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. On 29 November 1917 an Act of Parliament establishing an Air Force and an Air Council received the Royal Assent. The Royal Air Force came into existence on 1 April 1918.

    Lord Trenchard, when later described as the ‘Father of the RAF’, would always state that this was not the case; in his opinion, the true Father of the RAF was Lieutenant General Sir David Henderson.
  2. Red Arrows are about to fly past my office window to celebrate............
  3. 90 years doesn't constitute a history, more of a collection of occurrences, or bad habits! Upstarts the lot of 'em.
  4. Its about time someone came clean and admitted it was only ever an April fools trick and no one ever intended to take Crab air seriously.

    Well apart from the Battle of Britain, I'll give them that. :D
  5. But for every Battle of Britain, there's a Port Stanley airfield.

    In fact there's only the Battle of Britain, but the Falklands alone also contributed the delivery of Paveway to the Brazilians.

    Happy 90th Birthday - one day your habits may become traditions, but not yet.
  6. First HQ in a commandeered hotel in the Strand .....

    backsliding and living in hotels at least 1 country away from the front line ever since....

    Apparently there will be a full march past of half mast, grey, man made fibre trousers, white socks and plastic slip on shoes this afternoon, the resulting static charge will power the borough of Greenwich until 2009.

    Lets see if they celebrate their 100th before being amalgamated back into the Army/Navy to cut down drastically on sudden maintenance issues in exotic locations and resulting hotel bills that would fund the other 2 services for 5 years apiece.

    And did I mention they're all homo's?....even the homo's.
  7. Indeed, but for me that worthy of a bit of a salute..... not because they would have done more damage with a full throttle low pass but for the way they got there and back.

    Still nonces though
  8. Top tips: prior to engaging in banter, it's always best to get your facts correct first!! :roll:

  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    A great day for those in Light Blue ... Happy Birthday to us :party:

    By a minor coincidence, I was commissioned on this memorable day as well ... marked as "The Day I Fooled The System", perhaps :lol:

    I shall pour a glass shortly, having first donned my ceremonial white socks [sadly the Farahs don't fit any more], and raise a glass to The Royal Air Force ... and all who currently sail in it.
  10. I have got my facts right, the RAF did take part in the Battle of Britain.
  11. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Indeed ... and the Battle of the Atlantic, The Battle for Berlin and a few other events as well. North-West Frontier pre-war, something in the Far East during the war, some stuff in Iraq and Egypt and Aden and Oman and Borneo ... you know, "stuff". :wink:
  12. Happy Brithday to us. By way of celebration I am going to set fire to the Air Terminal at Brize Norton. Anyone else up for it?
  13. You were commissioned on 1st April 1918! That explains a lot :wink:
  14. Not to put a sour note on the crabs celebrations, but the Fleet Air arm are celebrating their Centenary this year too, We have been doing it longer and better than the crabs!!