Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dale
Happy birthday kidda - start of your best year ever ;)

LJ xx

Track11 karaoke now playing- oh, and GI Blues, but that's not on the mix. :oops:, screwed up again ;)
I made it this far by being kind to myself. I do not smoke or drink. I am a complete vegetarian, I eat my "5 a day", i.e. I have completely healthy cereal for my breakfast, followed by raw carrots for a mid morning snack. For my lunch I have wheat free pasta salad with peppers and sweetcorn. For my dinner, I have steamed vegetables and

Ah fcuk it, I eat what I want, when I want.

Sirloin steak - yes please,

"How would you like that?"

"Just until it can't moo itself off the plate"

Chocolate? Just another wafer thin mint for me.

I cannot help myself when buying petrol,

"Number 3 please"

"Anything else?"

"20 Embassy No 1 Please"

"Would you like to put your pin number in, would you like cash back?"

"£20 please"

I can't help it.

OK - I have to put the angel that is known as JuniorSlug to bed. There is no cure for Tourettes.
[marq=left]HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLUGGY![/marq]

[align=center]I hope that you have a fabulous time tonight, that any and all girls in white stilettos are tripped up, that you go home with the keks of at least one young man, that you get to sing as loudly as you want and that Jelly Baby voddies are ever plentiful! You know I'm with you in spirits!! (...vodka, gin, rum, whisky...)[/align]

Dale is having a Birthday he he he

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