Happy Birthday your Royal Highness

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bensonby, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. HRH Charles, the Prince of Wales, is 60 today...happy birthday sir.

    He's got a lot of stick in the past, and he's by no means perfect, but I believe he is a thoroughly decent person who feels a duty to use his position to promote good causes and be a force for good.

  3. Happy Birthday Sir.
  4. loser

    edited to add: do you not feel even the slightest bit silly saying "happy birthday" to someone via the internet.....I could understand it if he was going to read it.
  5. yes it is a bit silly... but I wanted to say something nice about charles - considering all the bad press he gets.

    I'll crawl back into my hole now...
  6. Well your post was fair enough. A bit of chat, and I agree with what you've written. But someone just posting "Happy Birthday, Sir" is a bit sad.
  7. Why am I a loser? Sorry next time I'll consult you Smudge when I wish to enter any thread on this site you pile of fcuking shit.
  8. Agreed. I reckon the man does far more good than he gets credit for. So a happy birthday to HRH.

  9. Sorry letting of steam. Shouldn't have said it. Pse ignore it.
  10. Eeeeer... very muddy here!
  11. Happy Birthday Sir.... yes I too am in that indeterminate age of 60-something. A Bus Pass, Sir.... and of course you get free Meds now at your GP Surgery...
  12. It's all good :)
  13. Smudge, can you be sure that HRH does not frequent the site?

    And just in case you do - Many happy returns, Sir.
  14. Well I've not seen an account called "HRH" as yet??
  15. BENSONBY, Stand fast that man! There will be no crawling back to holes here. It was a nice gesture, carry on.