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Happy Birthday US Army and America

Happy (Belated) 237th Birthday, U.S. Army!! I did my share to add to your lustre for 30 of those years! :pirat:^^ :mrgreen:

Army Cover-Reduced.jpg

And a shout out and a tip o' the Kevlar to those drunks in Tun Tavern of the junior service who are sometimes mistaken for G.I. Joes; the Gyrenes. :-D We couldn't do it without youse guys.
And let's not forget to toast the country that we love, America, the country still working on a UDI from Mother England; 236 years gone now and no sign of faltering yet.
Let the grilling and the drinking begin.
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Happy 4th of July everyone!

Too bad I couldn't take time off for this - now I have to spend it here in England. Oh, the irony!

Drink and grill on people! :party:
But your beer taste like dishwater also, mr budweiser has a lot to answer for - except letting for me in free in busch gardens with my MOD90
That's because it's a main stream cheap brand. There are plenty of good beers (mostly micro brews) around, but most overseas visitors don't know about them. You just have to look around a bit.

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