Happy Birthday to me!


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It's my birthday today, just thought I'd mention it . . . . . .

and post THIS!!!!!!! :D

What a thoughtful cake!

(never driven or been drivin in a tank, but it's the thought that counts)
Happy Birthday Biped and may there be many more. Umm...the cake is yours but the woman comes back to my gaff, bound & gagged in the boot of my car.

Fair nuff?



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Father_Gundulph said:
Many happy returns, May i suggest that it's not the cake which is important, but the manner in which it's served!!

Just a thought.

Father Gundulph - I fank you from the 'bottom' of my heart for that present!
Happy Birthday! I'd post a picture of a really fat, hairy bloke naked and smothered in cake but I can't be bothered to find one so I'll just leave you with the mental image instead! Hope thats enough.
Many Happy Returns of the Day!

I have no idea what that means,but you don't hear it said often nowadays.Can't imagine why?

PS found you another cake



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Happy Birthday Biped. 21 and still a virgin? 8)


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Auld-Yin said:
Happy Birthday Biped. 21 and still a virgin? 8)
I wish on the former, and I'd like one on the latter. :D


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