Happy Birthday TA - 100 Today

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JPALegend, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Its 100 years today and so happy to see the RAF grab the frontpages with their non centenary. Says it all really
  2. 100 years, why does it feel like I've served for most of it? Anyway, looking forward to a few beers tonight.
  3. links?
  4. Happy Birthday Terriers everywhere.

    What an uninspiring load of stock images the TA 100 website is - its almost like we're an embarassment, and the website designer couldn't be arsed.
  5. Richard Burdon Haldane must have had a sense of humour :D

    Happy Birthday all
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Happy Birthday indeed!

    If anyone is interested, there is an Adjournment Debate in the Commons tonight, on the Centenary of the TA, led by Maj/Mr Mark Lancaster MP RE(V) - I'm sure there'll be a few spare seats!

    And so kind of the RAF to wear their uniforms to work today to help us celebrate. Or are they wearing them for April Fools? Who can tell?
  7. You can't move for information on TA100 Celebrations, other than what's on ARRSE.

    Perhaps it's an Officers and Civil Servants thing only, while the toms wait for their bounty!
  8. Hoorah, 100 years old. Although you wouldn't think it, haven't heart a single bleat about it on the radio on the way into work. The bbc have a story on their front page although not very high up on their rankings.

    BBC Story
  9. Is it after Champions League Football?
  10. Apart from the lucky few attending the summer picnic at the Big House, I suspect that the usual lunch club will be bolstering the various junkets within Luncheon District and the Shires. Trebles all round!
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    That's quite a nice article. I'm curious about this line though:

    Anyone know if that's actually true?
  12. Happy 100 TA

    Happy birthday Royal Yeomanry(41)
  13. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    My goodness, but the BBC can spin when they want to! The Medical Services in Afghanistan are NOT 100% TA, never have been, never intended to be either.

    and as for the "With the falling number of recruits - currently at about 36,000" - what crap. TA turnover has been at around 30% for at least 30 years, probably a lot longer. It's something the TA is used to, if never happy with. How many lads come in for a couple of weekends and find it's not for them? Quite a lot, I'd say - but at least they've had a go!
  14. Well, 2Lt Harrison earns a slap - "The TA has changed so much even in the time I have been in. It used to be a sort of Saturdays and Sundays club, but now..."

    Yup, thanks, twenty years of graft and hard work, glad to know I spent it in a "Saturday and Sundays club".

    Don't they do PR training at RMAS anymore? And can her OC and CSM drag her around a corner and explain to her what she's just said?