Discussion in 'RLC' started by DOG_LALS, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. Just like to wish the RLC a happy birthday!!!! :D :lol:
  2. Plenty of chefs to bake the cake. (Just don't tell NAAFI or they'll charge each person under PAYD, and sue you for breach of contract)

    Edited to Add - Happy Birthday by the way!!!
  3. Happy birthday to the Corps good excuse to get drunk today me thinks
  4. There is always a reason to have a drink: Apr 4th 1949 - NATO established, Apr 6th 1896 - rebirth of the modern Olympics. Its just Apr 5th is the best excuse for a “state sanctioned” shindig. So who did what? Name and shame those who are dull, after all such intangibles as morale don’t appear on a CO’s OJAR (although life would be sweet if it did!)
  5. Was it the 5th? Bugger. That means I have to get on it again doesn't it?

    Oh well, dig in!

    ps Don't panic everone, since I work in a high non RLC environment I have sent a CC1 e-mail to most of them outlining our history! :lol:
  6. Happy Birthday to us,
    Happy Birthday to us,
    Happy birthday the RLC,
    Happy birthday to us.

    I suppose that's an excuse to get back on the ming!
  7. 13 years young were does the time go!
  8. Tours!
  9. Should we not remember fondly that it was also the day the RCT disappeared. :cry:
  10. The RCT will never disappear!
  11. Hello - it's 2006, not 1992 or earlier! Fcukin' trogs!
  12. Just lurks happily in the background.
  13. Along with the ex-ACC, RAOC, RPC and RE Postie types - but we don't keep rammin' in down everyone's throat!
  14. Jesus wept!
  15. calm down sloppy.