Happy Birthday Moody

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by FluffyBunny, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. Welcome to the downhill slope chook :D

    Next stop, the smell of stale wee and an unnatural fascination with cats.
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday Blonde Burd :)
  4. Happy birthday Moody! Made you a cake yesterday, but the teenager ate it for breakfast I'm afraid :(
  5. Happy Birthday Moody, and thanks for all your efforts, especially on the special project. Just seen the photo, bloody amazing! Who's the poor sod pedalling it? :D
  6. We had a supplied driver, but it's FARMBOY in the pic I believe, he fancied a go

    FARMBOY wants a tricycle for Xmas.
  8. FARMBOY does look like he's enjoying though and great for PR having an old warhorse at the helm. :D
  9. Don't think he's looking forward to the interview without Java though.
  10. What're you tryin' to say, like? :oops: 30something women and cats... Nothing wrong with that... :oops: And I don't smell of wee... The lavender water covers that... :oops: :D

    The Old Trout was obviously having a very good birthday, the state she was in when I arrived at the pub... [​IMG] :D
  11. Ros, I forgot you were even IN the pub until I remembered at about 11am the next day.

    Apologies, we were very drunk!
  12. :D I did notice! You wandered off and we didn't even know whether you'd gone - did you remember to take the flowers?
  13. Apparently me and Keith just buggered off....how rude! I felt guilty the next day, but was forgiven and collected my cards, flowers, cake etc from the pub the next day.