Happy Birthday MDN

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cait, May 5, 2005.

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  1. As its MDNs Birthday today folks... so I thought I'd take the opportunity to say a few words about our RHM.

    Yes... 43 years ago today Mrs Dohnut Senior was laid with her legs wrapped round her ears introducing MDN into the world.... the events of his birth are some what confessed.. some say the midwife slapped his mum instead of the new bundle, others may argue that she should have been bludgeoned with the after birth for spawning him.

    I could go on about what a great guy he is, an achiever, how he would do anything for anybody but I know you lot recognize the smell of bullshit.

    MDN has confessed allot of his most embarrassing stories on arrrse... like the time he followed through in the chippy & the sh.it ran down his leg into his flip flops... or lagging his pants on blonde things sofa.

    Being his birthday I only think its right that we share a couple more....

    Has anybody else heard the story about him coming home shit faced & waking the other half up... when she peered over the top of the bed sheets she saw him squatting in the corner of the room laying a cable! When she shrieked at him he tried to hide it but in the confusion ended up standing in it & walking it round the house? :D

    Or that as a teenager he used to rub his c.ock in a water bottle to have a wank?

    Should i mention what he did whilst wearing a thong in a empty house.....??? :lol:

    Happy Bithday MDN :D
  2. 33 I'm 33 you horror!!!!!!

    all the rest is however, true :oops:

  3. In the words of my 4 year old god daughter "you're nearly dead!" :lol:

    Many Happy Returns you old fooker :wink:
  4. Hell, a birthday's a birthday whoever's it is. Have a great one MDN - I'll try not to post any shyte all day :lol:
  5. Ah, she's a prime candidate for the Diplomatic Corps, Oz! :lol:

    Happy Birthday MDN, you foul perverted beast of a man! :D
  6. Happy Birthday :D
  7. Happy Birthday ya fecking perv.....33, your a fecking youngster....I'm 2 of the big 40 8O ...now that is fecking old :cry:
  8. Happy Birthday MDN :D

    Hopefully you get what you wished for :wink:
  9. 33 ya bugger, barely out of nappies (except at weekends apparently!) 8O

    have a good day, and enjoy your beers tonight.

    happy birthday MDN.
  10. RTFQ


    Why the feck should we celebrate the birth of some inbred closet teabagger with poor sphyncter control? You all KNOW he's really a 16 year old girl called Veronica acting out her army/faecal fantasies on this good site. She couldn't even chose a decent regt/corps to belong to. Frickin door gunner my arrse - she works in McDonalds and until last week she only had one star on her name badge, and that got revoked because she caught her tongue in the till while trying to serve two egg mcmuffins to some squaddies on the 303.

    Happy birthday? I shit you daily MDN.
  11. Nobody is THAT old 8O

    Hapyy birthday old git :D
  12. Happy birthday...33 !

    enjoy you twisted mentalist !!
  13. Nope, not yet, but I will :D

    Saying that my wishes are a little extreme and perverse.

    RTFQ... I'm moved mate.... you have me down as a far greater acheiver than I am.. the lone star was slightly out of reach....... I was fired for licking the Gherkins
  14. RTFQ


    I fcuking love you gumbo
  15. I'm a loveable fella........ perhaps we could rub bottoms over a glass of cherryade?