Happy Birthday Maam!

The Boss is starting her 80th Birthday celebrations today with a joint party for those born on the same day as Her good self.Ninety-nine other pensioners have gathered at Buck House for lunch ahead of Her official Birthday on 21st April.
Happy Birthday Ma'am! :D
Quite agree, happy birthday.

It's my wife's birthday on the 21st as well, even I don't forget this one.
Happy Birthday Maam have a beer or two for me
Huzzah for H.M. The Queen!
I hope her cousin was correct in saying she has no plans to step down anytime before she pops her clogs!

Have a wonderful day ma'am.
DozyBint said:
And there was I thinking that you were saying Happy Birthday to me! :roll: :lol:

Happy Birthday, Ma'am, and many more to come!
Dozy,Is it your birthday as well!!?? :eek: How old? 21....? 22....?
All together....Happy birthday Dozeeee...Happy birthday dozeeee..... :p :lol:

Long may she reign. Happy Birthday Ma'am.
mistersoft said:
Quite agree, happy birthday.

It's my wife's birthday on the 21st as well, even I don't forget this one.
Oh, i didn't realise we had royalty on here, its a pleasure to see you, Your Royal Highness Prince Phillip, Sir
I wish Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , a very happy 80th birthday, and God's Blessing for many years to come.
Congratulations and Happy Birthday Your Majesty.
Is it just me or does it instill a sense of pride? The number 1 boss lady is 80 & its great she's done it. She's had some rough times to deal with so good for her.

I also feel bloody chuffed that i swore an oath to Her & not to a republic & its president. For all the knocking she gets she'll do for me as a Sovereign. If i could go back in i would in a heartbeat if she was the CiC. Good on you Ma'am. Happy Birthday.



Book Reviewer
Porridge_gun said:
Happy Birthday Ma'am

I'll be round at 9 to give you the bumps
What 80 of them? Blimey P-G , you'll have arms like telegraph poles by the end!

If I may, loyal felicitations for the great day Your Majesty and to re-iterate, hip, hip hip......HUZZA !! :lol:

( Wish I'd been there when she Conga'd through the Ritz in rig! May the Sun continue to shine from her hip-pocket.)

I remain, Ma'am, yr obdt Subject,

Le Chevre

I am sure HM will appreciate these greetings when she logs on next.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! Long may you reign over us, reminding us of past glories and keeping the likes of Bliar from embarrassing us all !
It warms my heart to realise that loyalty to the crown is still as strong as ever. Thanks, guys.

Happy birthday, your Majesty.

God Save the Queen!
Happy Birthday ma'am! Your Mother was a fine lady as well, who I had the pleasure of meeting on many occassions.
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