Happy Birthday Jack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mushroom, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. No one else has posted so I suppose I should. Today is the 400th Birthday of the original Union Flag.
  2. It's the union FLAG

    it's only the union jack if on the back of a ship or something. it's still an offence to fly one upside down (a distress signal as well)

    Happy birthday union flag
  3. Read the post and then go forth and search for a life.
  4. Read the topic name then join me in my search :)
  5. Wasn't there a Monty P sketch in which Eric Idle said "If you're going to split hairs, I'm going to p iss off"
  6. I believe so

    However, I'm bored, I'm researching biodiesel *again* and therefore I feel like being a grade A pedant
  7. Better a pedant than anything which sounds similar.
  8. Biodiesel? WTF is that when it's at home then?
  9. To add to the pedantry, I don't think it's right to ever call it the Union Jack. On the back of a ship, I believe it's just called the Jack.
  10. The source of all that might be right (or wrong) has this to say:

    The issue of whether it is acceptable to use the term "Union Jack" is one that causes considerable controversy. Although it is often asserted that "Union Jack" should only be used for the flag when it is flown as a jack (a small flag flown at the bow of a ship), it is not universally accepted that the "Jack" of "Union Jack" is a reference to such a jack flag; other explanations have been put forward (see [1]). The term possibly dates from the early 1700s, but its origin is uncertain. The word Jack may have come from the name of the James VI, King of Scots who inherited the English crown, causing the flag to be designed, that is Jac from Jacobus, Latin for James. Even if the term "Union Jack" does derive from the jack flag (as perhaps seems most likely), after three centuries, it is now sanctioned by usage, has appeared in official usage, and remains the popular term. The BBC website disregards the term "union flag" because of its "great potential for confusion", preferring union jack (in lower case) (see [2]). The term "Union Flag", on the other hand, is the term preferred in official documents by vexillologists. The Merchant Shipping Act 1995 (c. 21) section 4(1)(a)(ii) refers to the national colours of the United Kingdom as "the Union flag (commonly known as the Union Jack)".

  11. Happy bday, I love the British flag, definitely the best designed one around.

    Although why were the Welsh excluded?

    Anyone know?
  12. Bit difficult to work the dragon into that design. Also I believe because they were far less independant at the time compared to the scots. ie. the welsh were a walkover and had no say
  13. Happy Bday the Jack Flag.

  14. See here for the reason why:

  15. Because Wales is not a kingdom in its own right. It is a Principality which had been conquered by England. Scotland and Ireland were voluntarily absorbed into the 'United Kingdom' by the first and second Acts Of Union.