Happy birthday HRH Charles

and a happy birthday to me too!


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Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness, and you too Filbert.
As this place is mainly inhabited by civilians, they tend to put out emails saying to the effect
"its that time of year again, cakes in the restroom, feel free to help yourself" (I DO!)

Any chance Charles, you could put some of those nice Duchy Oatmeal Cakes you do in the front of Clarence House?? :wink:

Oh, and Happy Birthday n' all that malarky!


I wonder if he is an ARRSSER? Anyway well done for another year!
Silent_Assassin said:
I don't remember him sending me birthday greetings at any point so he can f*$K off 8O

I may retract my opinion if a card appears in the post with a healthy cheque..
There's always got ro be one.

Happy Birthdat Sir, from one of yours , a Welshman and a former North Stafford (Prince of Wales's)
Times online:
The author Michael Dobbs has lost count of the number of books he has written, though he thinks it might be 17. He says: “It is not that I’m prolific, but I have four young boys to feed; they’re not greedy but growing up does require a bit of investment.” A former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, he is best known for his trilogy, House of Cards, with the murderous Prime Minster Francis Urquhart. His latest thriller, The Lord’s Day, is also about Westminster and features a terrorist siege at the state opening of Parliament. On his birthday he will be working on his latest television project about the relationship between Nikita Khrushchev and President Eisenhower. He is not an avid David Cameron fan, but is beginning to approve and says “I think he’s gone through a transitional phase and is now a different man from what he was even six months ago.” Michael Dobbs is 59 today. RGT

Sir Lawrie Barratt, life president, Barratt Developments, 80; Dr Boutros Boutros Ghali, Secretary-General, United Nations, 1992-96, 85; James Crowden, Lord-Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire, 1992-2002, 80; Paul Dacre, editor-in-chief, Associated Newspapers, 59; David Elstein, chairman, British Screen Advisory Council, 63; Stefano Gabbana, fashion designer, 45; Peter Katin, concert pianist, 77; Mark Le Fanu, general secretary, Society of Authors, 61; the Earl of Liverpool, chairman and managing director, Rutland Properties, 63; Diana Skilbeck, Headmistress, The Queen’s School, Chester, 1989-2001, 65; Sir Dudley Smith, Conservative MP for Warwick & Leamington, 1968-97, 81; Sir Joseph Smith, director, Public Health Laboratory Service, 1985-92, 77; the Prince of Wales, 59; Sir Arthur Watts, barrister, 76.
He's in there but only just.
Happy Birthday your Royal Highness. :D

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